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Hi, I'm Jeni Wallwork and welcome!

I'm a songwriter in Tasmania, Australia who writes songs for others to perform or recreate.

If you are a singer/band/publisher/producer looking for new songs to use, you've come to the right place! I perform and record rough demos of my songs, and they are available to singers, bands, publishers and producers.

My usual way of working is to email singers mp3’s of my songs that they want to do, with and without vocals. They can re-record their own vocals over my backing or use my demos as a springboard to start from scratch, to see if the songs suit and work for them. Then they email me back their versions of the songs, so that we can discuss what we want to do next.

I can send basic chord charts as well, but I don’t write music so there’s no sheet music as such! It is an unpaid but mutually beneficial honour-based system to this stage where we have both made a commitment to the song, the plan being that if we want to seriously use, reproduce and promote the song, we would come to some legal agreement. I have had a special songwriter-performer legal agreement drawn up, which is available.

Would you be happy to work this way, or have any suggestions as to how we could work together? If so, have a listen to some of my demo songs on the link below. Be sure to go to the full music page and click ‘songs available’ in red in the top right corner, to hear higher quality sound and to see added song info.

Please email me if you are interested.

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